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Rudimax’s continuous testing allows you to achieve greater productivity even while managing a digital transformation.

Growing complexity and accelerated business cycle times are some of the challenges that companies have to cope with globally. It only pushes them to rethink their approach to testing. Rudimax has the ability to provide a seamless customer experience by creating high-quality applications that protect brand value. With our testing services we drive sustained quality and efficiency that shape every company’s digital future. Our specialization is built on extensive experience of serving clients from several industries. We pioneer in intelligent automation and digital leadership, which is based on delivering innovative solutions that shape the testing specifications for every product.

Web App Testing

It is absolutely imperative for businesses to create web-based applications that are functionally and structurally ready for performance in the competitive online retail global market.

Mobile App Testing

Our smart devices testing scope spans smartphones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, notebooks as some of the major categories.

Test Automation

Test Automation using tools like Zephyr, Appium, etc. has been a primary focus to enhance efficiency of test teams.

Performance Testing

Rudimax technologies has a dedicated and focused group of engineers who are experts in developing performance tests for applications.

Web App Testing

It is absolutely imperative for businesses to create web-based applications that are functionally and structurally ready for performance in the competitive online retail global market. To achieve this, the software quality assurance program must include web application testing in its module.

We conduct web application testing before the web-based apps and systems go live where various critical parameters are evaluated such as usability, functionality, stability, security etc. Rudimax’s team of professionals provide exceptional software testing services and effectively closes the gap between test complexity and quality expectations.

Our suite of testing services is designed to speed up time-to-market, avoid undue delays and rigorous pre-release testing ensures improved quality and reduced costs.

Validating Applications from Your Customer’s Point Of View

At Technologies we lower costs, improve quality and help you deploy your systems with confidence. We make sure that your infrastructure has the capability to cope with all workloads now and in the future.

Our comprehensive range of testing and validation services will provide users with a wonderful experience with minimal disruption to current systems. You can rely on our global capabilities, proven methodologies and flexible resourcing models that will effectively reduce testing costs.

We set the validation parameters and ensure that you stay updated with comprehensive reporting and informed decision-making. Our validation process includes requirement analysis, test strategies, design and review of scenarios, track defects, analyze defects and document metrics.

Mobile app testing

We design ways and means to make your development world better and faster. Rudimax Technologies is equipped with mobile testing labs and automation frameworks that will ensure maximum test coverage in the minimum amount of time. High expectations of the users are reflected in your mobile applications with their usability, performance, features and functionality.

We provide device management solutions with real devices and determine your app’s integration alongside cost-effective solutions. Rudimax will give you access to some of the best technologies available in the testing world.

Our Differentiators include

  • Test optimization on the basis of mobile device market penetration.
  • A trained pool of mobile testers with not just functional testing but also usability testing experience.
  • Testing services across a wide set of popular devices and mobile operating systems.
  • State of the art mobile lab for device, emulator and simulator based testing.

Test automation

Test automation drastically reduces the testing cycle times making room for higher productivity and greater predictability. Software networking applications, adding multiple environments and mobile devices can increase the complexity of application landscapes.

When manual efforts are decreased, it tremendously reduces costs and saves a lot of time thus leading to high ROIs. Rudimax Technologies’ test automation services provide a collaborated and accelerated approach by effectively combining tools to increase efficiency.

Our test automation assessment methodologies identify opportunities, setup workflows and recommend best practices with at least 25% reduction in costs and efforts. With our wide exposure to test automation projects across various industry verticals and technologies, we are poised to meet your market goals on time while reducing your cost of quality.

Performance Testing

Your application may have everything it takes – it’s even better than the competitor’s – but if it does not perform, then you will have unhappy users and no conversions.

We know how much performance matters be it front-end, server responses or database query execution – it is the collective attributes such as load times, rendering, etc.

That make an application perform better. Rudimax is known for delivering quality and timely assured performance engineering services best suited to our client’s requirements.

We offer a range of performance testing utilities for multiple domains and platforms that include load testing, stress testing, volume testing, soak testing, spike testing, scalability testing and web service performance testing. Rudimax delivers unique and effective performance test strategies for simulating real world conditions from the user’s perspective.

Our Differentiators include

  • Specialized end-to-end performance testing solutions.
  • Team of highly-skilled performance engineers, with the right mix of product development, testing and years of performance testing/tuning, capacity management experience.
  • Extensive engineering services lab, cloud based test labs, for on demand scalability and flexibility.
  • Able to simulate real world conditions and circumstances from a client’s point of view from different geographies with minimal cost for and investments by clients.
  • Internal frameworks built on open source tools like Jmeter for effective performance test result reporting and system monitoring.